Food Waste Prevention

Greater shelf life to keep products fresh and prevent premature disposal
Canned vegetables in opened tin cans on kitchen table. Non-perishable long shelf life foods in the background in eco friendly packaging

Metal plays a critical role in the fight against food waste. Inherently sustainable and capable of preserving quality while combating spoilage, the material keeps proteins, produce and other food products fresh and usable for longer periods than competing substrates. With a longer lifespan achievable through metal formats, fewer goods are sent to landfill unnecessarily. 

Due to their inherent barrier properties that block oxygen, light and contamination and a hermetic sealing process that locks in nutrients, cans preserve their contents and offer a long and stable shelf life that does not require refrigeration. These factors lead to canned food being safely and robustly transported throughout the value chain, maintaining product quality and nutritional value for consumers for far longer than fresh food options.

The format’s versatility also combats food waste, as cans are available in numerous shapes and sizes that meet a variety of lifestyle needs and preferences. On-the-go, single-serve portions are highly popular, and family sized options and everything in between can ensure the correct amount of product is delivered.

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